Drunken Mistakes To Avoid

Most of us enjoy a drink now and again and many of us indulge in more than just a few most Friday and Saturday nights. In my business, alcohol consumption is fairly high (yeah, that’s an understatement if I ever heard one!) and with wine being fairly high in alcohol (compared to say, beer, anyway), served in a larger bottle and doesn’t bloat you, it means you can drink more of it.

The more we drink the more we lose our inhibitions and our confidence increases. For example, my Cantonese speaking when sober is, at best, useless. But give me a skin-full of wine and I am chatting to the taxi driver all the way home in Cantonese! This confidence can be our downfall as confidence does not take consequence into consideration. Much of what we say or do when drunk we wake up to regret and, if you’ve been way gone the night before, much of it is completely forgotten  – I know about this from experience!

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