London restaurant to sell wine for 95p

London’s Bleeding Heart restaurant is celebrating its 30th birthday by cutting wine and food prices back to 1983 levels.

When the original 40 seat basement wine bar opened 30 years ago this month it was selling its house red and white wine at 95p a glass, a price it is re-instating for the next week.

Back in 1983 it also sold halves of Trimbach Gewürtztraminer 1982 at £4, while most expensive bottle of wine on offer was a Léoville Barton 1977 at £12.95 (today, the most expensive wine on its 400-bin list is a 45 Grahams at £1,500).

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Nation’s Worst Beer Thieves Stole Empty Kegs

a guest Published 10 Sep 2015 18:00
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