5 Patron Saints of Wine

Saint Trifon the Pruner Day 5 Patron Saints of WineSt. Trifon Zarezan, or St. Trifon the Pruner

Saint Trifon was the Bulgarian patron saint of vine growers and winemakers. All was going so well for this guy until (according to legend) he laughed at a vision of the virgin Mary, and was forced to cut off his nose with a pair of pruning shears.

St. Vincent of Saragossa 5 Patron Saints of WineSt. Vincent of Saragossa

Official patron saint of winemakers and vinegar makers, which is the same thing I guess depending on who is making the wine!

Saint Morand 5 Patron Saints of WineSt. Morand

The not so well-known saint, Morand lived through Lent off a single bunch of grapes.

St. Armand of Maastricht  5 Patron Saints of WineSt. Amand of Maastricht

Saint Amand was obviously a popular fella! He is the patron saint of brewers, innkeepers and bartenders (I don’t want to assume, but he sounds like kind of an alcoholic). He is also the patron of vine growers, vintners and merchants, and for some reason also of the Boy Scouts!

St. Urban of Langres 5 Patron Saints of WineSt. Urban of Langres

Saint Urban (sounds like a rapper to me) hid from persecution in a vineyard, and while he was there happened to convert everyone working the vines to Christianity. Therefore, Saint Urban is the patron saint of everyone who works in the wine industry.

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