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Are Mobile Cocktail Bars the Next Food Trucks?

In restaurant-saturated landscapes of America’s (always hungry) urban centers, it’s downright impossible these days to stroll more than a few stomach-rumbling blocks without bumping into a food truck.


Elvis Presley’s Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie

I’m all shook up!


Australian boffins brew up a hydrating beer

Quenching a hard earned thirst with a big cold beer just got better for you – thanks to the work of some clever Queensland scientists.


Wasps drink special nectar to self-medicate

Wasps can tell when a parasite infiltrates their body, and to get rid of the unwelcome guests they seek out a type of nectar that’s not only a sweet source of food, but a pretty potent antiparasite medicine, says Discover magazine.

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Dennis Rodman says vodka could sooth relations with North Korea

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has expressed hope that his new vodka brand could ease tension between the US and North Korea.


Snoop Dogg’s `Gin and Juice` Is the Best Cocktail Song Ever Written

In 1994, Snoop Dogg dropped a single that would change the way we drink gin forever.


How to bake a red wine cake

Rich, Fruity, and Sinful! A fruity, red wine paired with a dark chocolate cake is one thing. Marrying the two together is another. Bold and rich make this cake a perfect dessert for a sinfully rich dinner.


The Shape of a Wine Glass Matters

Have you ever given much thought to the shape of your wine glass?


Mince and Cheese Pies

The pie is ubiquitous in every culture, whether it’s sweet or savoury, large or small, open or closed, enclosing a filling with some kind of pastry or dough is a classic form of cooking and baking.


Lil Wayne will perform for $110,000 and 18 Bottles of alcohol

Rappers’ riders are notoriously crazy.