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Expensive wine: are we all just pretending to like it?

Someone turns up to your dinner party with a few bottles of Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc: what do you do? According to a new study by scientists at the University of Bonn, you sip it as though it were cats’ wee.


Cheesy Chili and Egg Bake

Brunch for a bunch? Whip up an easy cheesy egg bake you can prep the night before.

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BACARDI Rum Releases Wooden Sunglasses Made From Recycled Oak Barrels

BACARDI Rum is tapping into the fashion market with the release of a limited edition sunglass range made from recycled oak rum barrels.


Ice Cold Beer Mug

It’s everybody’s dream to drink rich beer out of a glass made of ice, isn’t it?


How to find a good online wine bargain

Wines are something that almost anyone can enjoy on a relaxing evening but the increasing prices in supermarkets has put some people off buying bottles unless they can find a decent online wine bargain.


10 Of The Very Best Braai Recipes For Heritage Day

Nothing says Heritage Day in South Africa quite like the smoky-sweet flavour of a braai.


Useless, Expensive and Some Useful Wine Gadgets

I remember painfully cracking my hip bone off the hard tubular end of one of these contraptions.


Silverback Gorilla Turns Beer Brewer

Patrick, a 394-pound silverback gorilla, has helped with the making of a limited edition beer at Riverbanks Zoo in South Carolina.


Cork brings beneficial phenolics to wine

Phenolic compounds that are naturally present in cork stoppers can positively influence the ageing of wine, according to Dr. Miguel Cabral, Amorim’s director of R&D.


A Beer Can Keyboard is a Brilliant, Sad Waste of Booze

It’s hard not to wonder if any of the geniuses from Robofun ever got thirsty while designing their Arduino-powered beer can computer keyboard.

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