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UltraMom Gwyneth Paltrow shares her Thai Style Chicken Burger recipe

UltraMom Gwyneth Paltrow has manage to juggle home and career with various degrees of success. She has her yoga, her macrobiotic diet, and her ‘It’s All Good’ cookbook.


Linkin Park`s wine of choice while touring South Africa

American rock band, Linkin Park, who is currently on tour in South Africa, enjoys a glass of wine every now and then.


Record-Breaking Wine: What Does $168,000 Taste Like?

Today, the Australian winery Penfolds announced the world’s most expensive wine sold directly from a winery, eloquently dubbed “2004 Block 42.”


Attendees of the Oppikoppi event in South Africa will be served beer by aerial robots

Music festival attendees at Oppikoppi, which takes place in August, will be served beer by drones according to a report on psfk.com.

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Watch Rocker, John Coffey, Catches Beer From 200ft Away While Crowd Surfing

Crowd surfing is a traditional interaction technique from for a huge quantity of musicians, but some play it better than others.


Bottega Launches a Vegan Cream Liqueur

Treviso-based Italian drinks group Bottega has added a vegan cream liqueur to its product portfolio.


Gender Determines Your Mood Before and After You Drink

A new study by researchers at the University of Vermont suggests that gender plays a huge factor in when one decides to drink, and how they feel the morning after.


Why tea needs to copy coffee in order to survive

Tea is out of favour.


The World`s Weirdest Wine Stoppers

Lovers of wine will agree that when it comes to drinking, it’s very important to have the right accessories to go with that special bottle of wine.


Beer Compound Could Protect Brain Cells From Damage

Beer buffs, rejoice: a component in that sweet nectar of the gods could help protect brain cells against a type of damage that has been linked to certain neurodegenerative disorders, such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

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