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Bunch of grapes sell for over R100k

A bunch of Japanese grapes has sold for a record one million yen ($8,200), or $315 per berry – no trifling matter even in a country where fruit can cost a small fortune.


Lil Wayne will perform for $110,000 and 18 Bottles of alcohol

Rappers’ riders are notoriously crazy.


The Worst Cocktails Ever

There’s a disproportionate amount of focus on the good cocktails nowadays.


Fizzy coffee the latest trend for caffeine enthusiasts

People sneered back in 2006 when Coke introduced Coca-Cola Blak: the fate of the coffee-flavoured soda was sealed after Anderson Cooper taste-tested it on TV and spat it out on the floor.


Cuba Gooding Jr. ‘a hot mess’ at 2014 NHL Awards

Cuba Gooding Jr. at 2014 NHL Awards at Wynn 2014 NHL Awards red carpet Academy Award-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was skating on thin ice after his bizarre onstage antics at Tuesday’s 2014 NHL Awards live telecast from Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas.


The Shape of a Wine Glass Matters

Have you ever given much thought to the shape of your wine glass?


The Houses at this Eco Village are made from Whisky Vats

Much like the liquor that once swilled around inside their wooden casks, the barrel houses at Findhorn ecovillage have matured nicely in their surroundings.


Spicy Thai Red Mussels

Mussels steamed with garlic, lemongrass, chilies, basil, coriander, Thai red curry paste, coconut milk and fresh lime…it’s just divine!


These 10 Guys Drinking Coffee Are Hotter Than Any Morning Joe

Coffee gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Hot guys are a pretty good reason, too. Put them together and you’ve got the perfect recipe!


One-Pot Creamy Tomato Basil Pasta Bake

This is one of those meals. A meal everyone can love. And everyone can make.

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