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Drew Barrymore Tells Us How to Drink Wine

Back in April, Drew Barrymore sat down for an interview with Vogue about her latest rosé from her wine company Barrymore Wines. That’s when “SST” happened.


Drinks Menu: High Tea at the Mount Nel$on

Get all sophisticated with a pocket full of tjing (R325 will do), some charisma and an afternoon of high tea at the Nellie.


Proudly Pinot. Proudly Creation

With Friday 18 August being National Pinot Noir Day, we take pleasure in focusing on this fascinating cultivar, tracing its history since the Roman era.


Bubbles, Friendship and Fun on the Cards at Twelve Apostles CuppaforCANSA High Tea 2017

The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa has once again teamed up with CANSA to present their annual CuppaforCANSA High Tea / #CuppaforCANSA12A, to raise awareness and funds for CANSA’s valuable work.


Save our oceans! Get involved in the #BeachhouseCleanUp

It’s time to show some love to our beaches. Living on the coast means that you should already have a love for the ocean, and that you probably already know the devastation caused by plastics that find their way into the sea.


A Company Created A Coffee Cup You Can Eat As A Solution To Our Problem With Plastic

Cupffee is a wafer cup made out of grains that remains solid for up to an hour and does not alter the taste of the drink inside it.


Michelangelo International Judges Make Case for Pinotage and Chenin Blanc

Top image: Parani Chitrakorn, a wine educator and consultant from Thailand.

Wines made from grapes with strong South African links are receiving enthusiastic support from judges at this year’s Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards, currently being judged at Longridge Wine Estate in Stellenbosch.


People Used to Put Live Frogs in Their Milk to Keep It Fresh

What lengths would you go to keep your milk fresh?


The Wine Fundi on Quality before Quantity

According to my friends and customers I am a “wine fundi”, and they regularly come to me for wine advice, but I am just a regular guy who really loves wine!


Jennifer Lawrence Invites You to Go Wine Tasting With Her

We’ve always said that Jennifer Lawrence would make one hell of a drinking buddy, and now the very hilarious thought of knocking back a few with her could become a reality.

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