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Drink Like a Gangster With ‘Peaky Blinders’ Whiskey, Gin and Rum

Plenty of shows with cult followings like Game of Thrones have related tie-in products. Many fans would agree that the best of those are usually some kind of booze.


Summer Holidays Wine Deals at GETWINE

December has arrived and that means summer is now officially in full swing!


Drinking Gin Could Speed Up The Metabolism

Gin’s a bloody brilliant invention, isn’t it? 


Only Limited Tickets Available For 2017 MCQP DUNGEONS and DRAGONS Party

Only a limited amount of tickets are still available for the 2017 MCQP Dungeons & Dragons event – a mere couple of days away – taking place on Saturday, 16 December 2017. 


Crisp Summer Whites: Flagstone Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay

We expect different things from wine during the warm days and long evenings of summer. Food is lighter and our time is increasingly spent outdoors, full-bodied vintages retire to the wings and crisp, chilled wines take centre stage.


Jesse Clegg Live at The Franschhoek Cellar

Jesse Clegg is a platinum album selling singer songwriter making waves the world over. He has released six Top 10 singles and been nominated for three South African Music Awards.


Brand boy spent R200 000 at Joburg night club

If waking up from a night out with a pounding headache and a bank account in the gutter is your normal morning after, spare a thought for this miserable wealthy bastard.


Deep Fried Baileys Ice Cream

This recipe is just as delicious as you might think. Get yourself some Baileys Original Ice Cream and try it, it will be the best thing ever.


5 Wine Trends For 2018 That Every Wine Lover Should Get On Board With

The South African wine industry is experiencing one of its most exciting phases in history. Overall wine quality has increased dramatically over the last five years, international recognition is at an all-time high and the consumer is now spoilt for choice, with a wealth of new producers, varieties and styles. 


Highlights on the Creation Christmas Tree

Time certainly flies when you’re having fun! The Festive Season is upon us and it’s time to reflect on the year that’s almost past. Especially on the achievements …