Booze-Free Bar Offers A Sober Haven in London

Former brand director for Virgin, Catherine Salway has launched a new venture in the heart of London. Redemption, is a bar where liquor doesn’t run freely, because there is no booze allowed.

Redemption will feature mocktails and wholly vegetarian menu, for those who want a night out without the pressure to drink. The bar is situated in trendy Hackney, East London, will have a 10 week residency, popping up on the roof of Netil House every Sunday until the 8th of September before moving to its permanent home in West London.

After leaving Virgin, Salway was looking to start a socially responsible project and was inspired by a night out with an ex-boyfriend. She explained to Marketing Magazine:

An ex-boyfriend, who has a bad relationship with alcohol, wanted to meet up one evening in London somewhere without the temptation of booze. We couldn’t think of anywhere at all. From this, the idea of Redemption was born.

Redemption @ Netil 360 will feature a full-day ‘chilled out’ experience free of booze and meat, focusing on healthy dishes and guilt-free dessert, along with live music and DJ sets.