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Cape Town gets an Urban Brandy Cocktail Route

The SA Brandy Foundation has launched the country’s first Urban Brandy Cocktail Route in the Mother City. The route is in honour of South Africa’s top selling spirit and provides brandy lovers with the opportunity to sip on iconic brandy cocktails at a selection of Cape Town’s hottest restaurants, bars and nightspots.

Launching with a bespoke menu of 8 brandy cocktails the selection is set to please a variety of palates, revealing brandy’s extraordinary mixability.

Some of the exciting brandy cocktail options include a Fynbos cocktail made from KWV 10 Year Old brandy with rooibos tea, ginger liqueur, honey and lime, and a Mellow Breeze, an exotic treat made with Oude Molen Reserve 100 brandy, sugar, syrup, coriander leaves and pineapple juice.

brandy cocktails Cape Town gets an Urban Brandy Cocktail Route

Fynbos Cocktails

Participating venues include Shimmy Beach Club, Knock Knock Bar, Hudsons Burger Joint in Green Point, Mano a Mano and Societi Bistro.

For Christelle Reade-Jahn, Director of the South African Brandy Foundation, locally crafted brandy is a source of national pride, unsurpassed by anything the rest of the world has to offer.

”It’s time to celebrate SA brandy’s modern images as it rises from its traditional cocoon, seducing us with its colourful personality, versatility and endless array of possibilities.”