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Fairview Introduces a Touch of Dutch

Fairview has long been established as a producer of some of the best and most innovative artisanal cheeses in South Africa. In true pioneering style and in-keeping with its vision, Fairview recently broadened its offering to include some of the finest cheeses from around the world in its award-winning range.

Under the guidance of renowned Amsterdam-based cheese specialist, Erik Heinen, Fairview added a selection of imported Dutch classics to the range. ‘Erik’s Selection Cheeses’ consists of traditional cow’s milk Gouda, Mature Gouda and Gouda with Cumin, as well as Young and Mature Goat’s milk Gouda.

As the owner of Erik’s Delicatessen, a fine foods shop in Amsterdam which specialises in cheese, Erik’s choice of gourmet products revolves around taste, flavour, texture and the all-important question of origin. Erik is also building a reputation as affineur (a person whose specialty is the maturing and ripening of cheese), and is passionate about working with Dutch cheese makers to develop new Dutch cheeses using traditional (French) methods of affinage.

‘Erik’s Selection’ is perfect for entertaining and cooking. The cheesy Fish Pie with Matured Goat’s Milk Gouda is perfect for those chilly evenings, while the delectable Cheesy Bitterballen, made with Erik’s Selection Gouda (Jong Belegen) need no excuse to enjoy.

‘Erik’s Selection’ is available from selected Spar stores in South Rand and the Western Cape, Checkers stores nationwide, and the tasting room at Fairview in Paarl.