Hofni Schoeman from Tokara

If you thought that Richard Carsten’s left your mouth watering then wait till you lay your eyes on Hot Hofni! This “Hotter than Hell” piece of eye candy will not only set your retinas on fire but will stimulate the mind as well! When this psychology and post grad finance braniac is not broadening his intellectual mind you can find  him at Tokara’s Restaurant bringing his charm to the hospitality side of things. Hofni is the youngest of 8 children and enjoys the finer things in life. If he is not travelling in Thailand or studying for a Doctorate in some hifalutin degree beyond general understanding, then you can be sure to find him serving up a 5 Star Richard Carsten cuisine, proving that one TRULY does EAT with the eye first……

Hofni’s Wine Hottie Questions

Relationship….. early days

Q: What’s your favourite wine at Tokara?
Tokara directors white, Semillon & Sauv Blanc

Q: You have to pick one dish of Richard’s Restaurant menu, what would it be?
Baked Alaska of Rainbow trout

Q: What was the last thing you ate?
Flapjacks & Cherries

Q: Have you ever thrown up in a car?
Unfortunately Yes….. maybe even recently…..

Q: You have the opportunity to sleep with a movie-celebrity, who would it be?
Nogal n moelike een…. to many to choose from…..

Q: Do you have a secret talent and what is it?
To remain a secret

Q: Who was your first love?
Grade A teacher (Sub A)

Q: You can flip a switch that will wipe any band or musical artist off the face of the earth, who would it be?

Q: The name of your first pet?

Q: What is your mother’s maiden name?

You do realise that this is your pornstar name… Bentley Mcgeer.

Q: Would you rather be good looking or rich?
You could probably make money of your looks…. so the best of both!!!

hof2 Hofni Schoeman from Tokara