MasterChef South Africa postmortem via twitter

Last night South African foodies rejoiced in front to the television as the highly anticipated MasterChef South Africa flighted its first episode on the squeeze-the-consumer-dry pay channel DSTV . Winetimes followed the public’s first crit and comments on the show, online, via twitter.

As with anything new, most of the peeps were skeptical, making constant comparisons to the Australian and US shows. The results were a mix bag of hating and loving with the judges getting most of the hating.

@christine_vanD One judge thinks he’s Simon Cowell, one judge thinks he’s Hamlet on stage, and the fat one knows what he’s talking about. #MasterChefSA

@Rob_Vember Ok, #MasterChefSA judges already starting to annoy…

The first contestant to popped up on the twitter timeline was Jade de Waal (@EYHOfoodjam) from Cape Town.  If you attended last years highly prestigious Box Wine Awards you might remember Jade dishing up awesome canapes during the  event. At this stage of the show peeps were however still transfixed on the characters and not their cooking skills.

@AlexCaige How crazy is this Jade chick’s accent! #MasterChef

@tiishetso The Afrikaans girl is a colourful character is necessary to make the show fun. Go Jade! #MasterchefSA

Focus later shift to the clifhanger adverts and again to the judges

@MilkandCookieSA what’s with the whole staring the contestant down. #masterchefsa @mcsa

But as the show develops and viewers got more comfortable with all the characters the tweets became more positive

@CandiceMlenzana @masterChef_SA is of high standards! Absolutely great and the budget, shooo. Well spent! Nice one #masterchefSA

@yengwasifiso Looks like #masterchefSA is gonna be terrific!

@laurenhendo Was very cynical about #MasterChefSA , thought it would b a lame attempt to copy a brand we could never get right. So excited to be wrong

and we are sure it will not be long before everybody is hooked

@TandieN  #MasterChefSA is on Fire,awesome production.I’m hooked already.