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The world’s first beer themed hotel in set to open in San Diego

Bed and beerredrockbrewing The worlds first beer themed hotel in set to open in San Diego
by RedRock
seems to be all the rage at the world’s very first beer themed hotel, set to open for business in San Diego in 2018.


How Tequila and Weed could make Ford cars sustainable

Tequila, weed, cash, and a Ford car could be the elements for a hell of a road trip, but they’re also part of the automaker’s efforts to be more sustainable.


Veggies and Lentils in Peanut Sauce

You know what goes well with that delicious peanut sauce, yes lentils! Red lentils cook up super quick.


The History of Tea

Legend has it that the discovery of tea was an accident, when a tea leaf fell in Chinese Emperor Shen Nung‘s cup of hot water.


Easy Quinoa Pizza Bowls

Everyone seems to be obsessed with anything that’s served in a bowl lately, and I’ll admit I’m no exception.


There’s really no reason not to be drinking organic wine

People are often willing to pay more for organic meat and produce, expecting higher quality products and a smaller impact on the environment. Wine is a different story.


The basic rule for pairing wine with tomatoes

Tomatoes — or more accurately, their acidity — might seem like a problem when you’re choosing a wine to pair with them. But as with most other foods, my advice is: Don’t be scared.


If You Aren’t Mixing Red Wine With Cola, You Have Yet to Live Your Best Life

Red wine doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being a refreshing drink: It’s often associated with colder weather and heavy, meaty meals.


Brighton duo turn classic car into a gin bar

Aaron Burns and John Azzopardi have launched a mobile gin bar business from a 1968 Morris Minor car, available to hire throughout Surrey and Sussex in the UK.


5 Classic Whiskey Cocktails You Can Make in 3 Minutes (or Less!)

In recent years, the interest in whiskey of all types has sky rocketed.