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The Guzzle Buddy turns your wine bottle into a wine glass

Drinking wine is supposed to be a genteel, sophisticated sort of thing.


5 Gin and Tonic Edibles

Food infused with marijuana might be having a moment, but that doesn’t mean that booze-infused recipes are out of fashion.

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Venison Pie and Pinotage Recipe

“There are no rules about food and wine. There are only silly conventions which people are changing.


How to Enjoy Alcohol Without Sacrificing Your Health

Alcohol is bad for us. Well, drinking too much alcohol is bad for us. In small amounts, drinking some alcohol won’t do us that much harm.


Bottega Launches a Vegan Cream Liqueur

Treviso-based Italian drinks group Bottega has added a vegan cream liqueur to its product portfolio.


Thailand bans alcohol after King`s death

The Thai government has announced an indefinite ban on the public consumption of alcohol following the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who died last week after 70 years on the throne.


This Tea Guy Is Too Hot For The Internet To Handle Right Now

This photo of a Pakistani tea seller (chai wala) is currently steaming-up the internet. Photographer Jiah Ali took a few snaps of the man during a recent photo walk she attended in Islamabad.


Celebrate World Pasta Day with Pasta made from Chocolate

The existence of Chocolate Pasta is definitive proof that life is beautiful.


How to transform a cheap bottle of wine into an expensive vintage in only 30 seconds

Ever wanted to indulge in a tasty bottle of wine but find you’re strapped for cash? A simple trick could solve all your problems.


The first Wine Fountain just opened in Italy and it`s free!

Red wine flowing from a fountain, offering a refreshment at the end of a long walk… it sounds too good to be true, but on Sunday, a wine fountain was inaugurated in central Italy.