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Can coffee naps help you power through the day?

Caffeine and napping have something in common. Both make you feel alert and can enhance your performance, whether that’s driving, working or studying.


Argumentative Essay on Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving is a topic that should get most people pretty riled up. There is a stigma attached to those that choose to drink and drive and it is well deserved. The fact is, putting the key in the ignition with a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit is equivalent to loading a gun and pointing it at everyone in your path. A car is a deadly machine and when operated by a drunk driver, it is almost certain to live up to its potential.


Study shows that cheese can enhance the taste of wine

The next time you drink a glass of wine, don’t forget to combine it with a cube of cheese. Researchers have confirmed that consuming cheese may actually increase how much someone likes the wine they are drinking.


Best 5 Caribbean style cocktails to enjoy this summer

With the summer months almost upon us, most of us have already started planning our summer getaways featuring beaches, sun and plenty of fun.


Sip on these Easter-inspired drinks over the holidays

By now everyone is excited about the Easter long weekend.


Martha Stewart Is Launching a Wine Company

Martha Stewart already has a meal kit service. Now, she’s got plans to sell wines that could potentially pair nicely with those home-cooked meals.


What Wine Would Jesus Drink? We May Finally Have The Answer

Biblical historians have long pondered what dishes may have been on the table at the Last Supper. One thing that’s almost certain is that Jesus and his disciples were drinking wine.


Africa Travel Week is ready to welcome the world!

With just one week to go until it’s opening, Africa Travel Week is set to welcome more travel professionals than it did in 2016.


Scrambled Egg and Bacon Bunnies

These Scrambled Egg and Bacon Bunnies are easy to put together.


Brits are forking out 90% more for a cup of coffee compared to rest the globe

The 2016 Coffee Price Index compares the average cost of coffee from home,  the office, Starbucks and an independent coffee shop for 75 countries across the world.