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Pairing Two Oceans Wine with Potato Chips

Potato chips and beer are like reality television. You’re happy while you’re enjoying them, but feel a slight bit of shame when you’re done. Why not class up your TV experience a bit by pairing the inexpensive wines of Two Oceans with potato chips? You may be surprised by the number of easy, versatile pairings involving popular nibbles and wine.

sb two oceans Pairing Two Oceans Wine with Potato ChipsTwo Oceans Sauvignon Blanc 

Chip match: Sea salt and black pepper chips

Lively and bright. The Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc lends a nice light, crisp balance to salty flavours of the sea salt and black pepper chips. The flavour of the chips does not overwhelm the wine. Another option can be something slightly fishy like Creoles chips. YUM!

Two Oceans Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot

Chip match: Cheddar or smoked beef-flavoured crisps

cab two oceans Pairing Two Oceans Wine with Potato Chips

The rule of thumb here is the more flavoured the chip, the heavier the wine. Barbequed or cheesy chips have a heavier flavour and therefor it works well with this Cabernet/Merlot blend. Despite its richness, this wine has a lively acidity that makes it easy to sip on. A finish of sweet spice pairs perfectly with the chips.

Priced at only R35 a bottle, it’s worth trying these wine combinations with some crisps on your next couch potato day.