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Well Known Local Street Artist Launches First Fine Art Exhibition

Dean Kane - aka Visual Waste - is one of Belfast’s best known street artists.


Why Some Whiskey Is Better With Ice

There's no shame in adding ice to whiskey - and sometimes, it might even bring out new flavors you can't get any other way.


Top Diageo Shareholder Questions Company’s M&a Strategy

LONDON Reuters One of Diageo s lt DGE L gt largest shareholders has questioned its decision to sell one of its oldest whiskey brands while


General John Kelly Is A Fan Of Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey has a big fan in the West Wing: General John Kelly, President Trump’s new Chief of Staff, has been revealed to have a soft spot Ireland’s iconic beverage.


Editor?s Letter: Good Taste Doesn?t Come Easy

When it comes to having a palate of sophistication and refinement, I … how can I say this … I got gypped.I blame my biological father, because, why not? It’s so much easier than blaming my mothe


Irish Eyes Are Smiling When It Comes To Whiskey

Until quite recent times, Irish whiskies came from just three sources – Midleton in County Cork, Cooley at Dundalk, Co Louth, and good old Bushmills in Co Antrim. All three belong to bigger distilli



Dublin People

IT WAS a chilly and overcast day when our tour bus pulled up at the Old Bushmills Whiskey distillery located in the far reaches of Ireland?s northern coast, but I think it?s fair to say we were happil


This Guitar Was Built With Wood From Bushmills Irish Whiskey Barrels

And it sounds pretty good, too.


New Bushmills Whiskey Barrel Guitar Made With Ancient Bog Oak

Bushmills Irish Whiskey has teamed up with Lowden Guitars to release a very limited edition guitar made from multiple wood types, including ex-Irish whiskey barrels.

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