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Coca Cola South Africa Reduces Sugar Across Core Brands

Increasing the marketing and variety of Diet, Light and Zero amongst actions taken by CocaCola.


How Rich Would You Be If You Followed Warren Buffett Into Coca-cola? (ko, Wfc, Brk.a)

Buffett bought up $1 billion in Coca-Cola stock in 1988. If you had bought into the company at the same time, how much would you have now?


The Mysterious Bet On Coca-cola Shares (ko, Pep)

There's some oddly bullish trading in Coca-Cola options. But why?


Coca Cola Africa Appoints Two New Executives

Mpumi Mazibuko and Nakampe Molewa had been promoted to executive roles within the Coca-Cola business responsible for the Southern and East Africa markets.


Coca-cola Africa Appoints Two New Executives

Coca-Cola Africa announced on Friday that Mpumi Mazibuko and Nakampe Molewa had been promoted to executive roles


Goodbye Coke Zero, Hello Coca-cola No Sugar

Coca-Cola is making its sugar-free options clearer as sugar is declared the new "dietary villain".


Coca-cola Top 40: Top 10 Movers And Shakers

Luiz Fonzi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber are holding onto the top spot on this week's Coca-Cola Top 40. But Pitbull's latest hit featuring Stephen Marley is making some big gains on the chart - j


Coca-cola’s Profits Slide As Consumers’ Tastes Change

Coca-Cola is in decline in the US and Australia as consumers move towards healthier drinks. Can the world's most popular soft drink save itself before it's too late?


Coca-cola: Blame The Accounting

The sky is not falling on Coca-Cola. Despite secular headwinds, the company has managed to achieve positive growth over the past three years. Reported sales do


Coca-cola Top 40: Watch The Top 10 Videos

Maroon 5's hit single 'Cold' is racing up the Coca-Cola Top 40 chart. It jumps three spots this week, and could soon snatch the top spot from Luiz Fonzi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber. The tri

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