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Coca-cola’s Smaller Diet Drinks Hard To Swallow

Coca-Cola has reduced its fizzy drinks can and bottle sizes‚ saying it is about helping consumers reduce sugar – but


People Are Calling For The Coca-cola Christmas Truck To Be Banned This Year

Calls have been made for the Coca-Cola Christmas truck to be banned over fears that it contributes to an ?obesity epidemic.? Despite the fact that, in the eyes of many, the annual tour of the truck ro


Calls To Ban Coca-cola Christmas Truck

A councillor said the soft drink giant's festive vehicle promotes a "grossly unhealthy" product.


Sorry Honey‚ I Shrunk The Coca-cola Cans (but Not The Price)

Coca-Cola has apologised for not explaining that the reduction in can size from 330ml to 300ml and the bottle from half a litre to 440ml would not include a price drop.


Things Go Smaller With Coca-cola

The “buddy” Coke size has been reduced to 440ml and there will be no more 500ml bottles on the shelves


Coca-cola?s Quarterly Profits Top Estimates As It Muscles Out Pepsico

This is helped by a rise in North American sales and its aggressive move into selling juices, teas and vitamin water


Coca-cola To Invest Up To $90m In Kenya To Broaden Product Range

The Coca-Cola Company plans to invest up to $90-million in Kenya over the three years through 2018 to increase its product range in the region's biggest economy, the soft drinks maker said on Tuesday.


Coca-cola: Out With The Old, In With The New?

Coca-Cola announced management changes today ahead of its earnings on Wednesday.


Coca-cola: Security With A Touch Of Growth

The Coca-Cola Company has existed in its current form since 1892 and will continue creating shareholder value for many years into the future. A change in leader


Coca-cola: Playing The Breakout

KO's share price is breaking higher. Revenue growth is being fueled by global expansion and innovative new offerings. Management's commitment to returning capit

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