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Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd On A New Version Of His Crystal Head Vodka Brand

What?s your cocktail of choice? I call it a Long Island Railroad Martini ? you could get it in 1955 if you were a Madison Avenue executive in a grey flannel suit, riding into Manhattan. At 11 in the m


Crystal Head Vodka Launches New Expression In Iconic Skull With Iridescent Finish

Distilled in Newfoundland, Canada, Crystal Head AURORA comes in a beautifully crafted bottle, which is an accurate rendering of the human skull. With an iridescent finish, the bottle was designed in c


Aykroyd’s Vodka Co. Can’t Get $4.3m Attys Fees In Ip Suit

A California federal judge on Friday officially granted more than $870,000 in disgorgement of profits to Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Head Vodka company after finding a rival stole its bottle's tra


Why Dan Aykroyd?s Wine Cellar Is Empty

The legendary actor and funny man talks about his signature cocktails, his favorite bars, and why he keeps running out of vino.


Crystal Head Threatens Uk Hot Sauce Makers

A British couple who make a hot sauce packaged in a skull bottle have found themselves in legal trouble with


Dan Aykroyd Threatens To Sue Couple For Using Same Design

Who you gonna call? Lawyers.


Gin Categorisation: Has The Horse Bolted?

With the UK gin boom predicted to continue for at least three to five years, could more be done to


What Do Celebrity Spirits (like George Clooney’s Tequila) Actually Taste Like?

When George Clooney recently cashed in the chips on his tequila company, Casamigos, he did it to the tune of $700 million (£550 million).


Win A Trip Across Canada From Crystal Head Vodka And Via Rail

Contest is free to enter on social media. Crystal Head Vodka was co-founded by Kingston area resident, Dan Aykroyd.


Dan Aykroyd Sips Vodka, Ponders Kathy Griffin Mess On Via Rail Train

Yes, that was actor Dan Aykroyd on board the VIA Rail Canada train to Ottawa Friday and yes, he was enjoying a glass of his famous Crystal Head vodka.

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