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The Greatest Names In History, Party Fouls, Celebrity Horse Racing, Hendricks Gin Expert, And More!

Jon and Esmeralda are in for Patti tonight!  On the show they welcome Hendricks Gin's expert bartender, Mattias Horseman.  Horseman explains the thought process behind these classic Gin drinks and t


Hendrick’s Gin Uses Cucumbers To Create Music

William Grant & Sons-owned gin brand Hendrick’s has launched “a genuine and most unusual scientific experiment” to create music using cucumbers rigged to a piece of software.


Hendrick’s Uses Cucumbers As Musical Instruments


Wenneker Swizzle Masters Breakfast Martini Results


Hendrick’s Is Rolling Around The U.s. In This Giant Cucumber ‘garnisher’

Described by Hendrick?s Ambassador Mark Stoddard as ?an eye-popping, wondrously strange cucumber slicing device,? the slicer on wheels hit the road on June 14th to bring its cucumber cutting skills t


Hendrick’s Gin Celebrates Launch Of Giant Cucumber Garnisher In Style

This week at The Foundry, the trendsetters of New York City experienced a breathtakingly fun display of the latest and greatest from the beloved Hendrick’s Gin. During the whimsical celebration the?


Hendrick’s Gin shares the secret on how to cut the perfect cucumber on World Cucumber Day

14 June marks World Cucumber Day and Hendrick’s Gin plans to forever enhance your life by acclaiming the pleasures of the unusual slice.


World Cucumber Day

To celebrate World Cucumber Day, Hendricks will be teaming up with bars in London so that you can swap a cucumber for a free Hendrick's G & T


Hendrick’s To Host ‘cucumber Hour’

Premium gin brand Hendrick's is giving consumers the chance to receive a gin and tonic in exchange for a cucumber.


Exchange a cucumber for a delectable Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic

In a move that will cause consternation in financial markets worldwide, from Monday, 5 June to Wednesday, 14 June, Hendrick’s Gin will recognise the true value of the cucumber by transforming the humble green fruit into exchangeable monetary units in celebration of World Cucumber Day on June 14.

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