Top 10, again!

Leopard’s Leap is delighted to announce that the 2015 Culinaria Chenin Blanc has repeated the stellar performance of the 2014 vintage in being appointed as one of South Africa’s Top 10 Che


2014 Culinaria Grand Vin: A lesson in food and wine harmony

To say that Leopard’s Leap Cellarmaster Eugene van Zyl is particularly pleased with the 2014 vintage of the brand’s Culinaria Grand Vin Bordeaux-style blend, would be an understatement.


Save the spots!

“In a West African myth, the leopard leaves a trail of dried leaves for his friend the fire leading to his home, so that the fire may come to visit. When the leopard opens the door, the fire is


Caipirinha’s for Olympic cheer!

The 2016 Olympic Games start today in Rio de Janeiro and this big event will definitely be celebrated with many a Caipirinha!


Proper stemware – science, preference or pretence?

Is the type of glass in which you serve your wine only a matter of preference or perhaps pretence? Will your favourite red wine not taste just as good from a plain old tumbler as when sipped from fanc


Cabernet Sauvignon Square Wine Cocktail

Shake up your next party with this Cabernet Sauvignon Square cocktail.


Macaron Magnifique

The Macaron. Crunchy, yet pillowy, smooth, yet chewy. It is only the French with their heritage of confectionery who can dream up such a wonderful combination of tastes and textures within a one-bite cookie.


Announcing the 2015 Cape Leopard Trust Fundraising Event

Following on the very successful fundraising events for the Cape Leopard Trust hosted by Leopard’s Leap in previous years, the 2016 event planned for Saturday, 20 August 2016, promises to be a n


Celebrate the flavours of South Africa with a Bunny Chow

Just recently, the Franschhoekfranschhoekcellarwines Celebrate the flavours of South Africa with a Bunny Chow
by franschhoekwines
Valley played host to the Délice Network of Good Food Cities, that as one of its aims, try to promote food tourism.


Leopard’s Leap introduces Open Book Festival Competition: Words and Wine

Following on last year’s very successful “Design a Wine Label” competition, Leopard’s Leap and the Open Book Festival are delighted to announce this year’s campaign: Word

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Leopard's Leap is created by sourcing the best grapes from the Cape Winelands to produce wine of exceptional quality. Situated in the picturesque Franschhoek Valley, South Africa, we produce affordable wines that are perfect for any occasion. We are passionate about crafting superb easy-drinking wine, and making sure that only the best is produced and sold under the Leopard's Leap label.
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