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Cinnamon-flavored Pepsi Earning Mixed Response On Twitter

Pepsi’s new “Fire” flavor, a cinnamon soda flavor, will come to stores nationwide on Monday. Early reviews are polarizing among those who’ve already tried it.


Are In-house Firms Doomed After The Pepsi-kendall Jenner Ad?

Marketing and communications veterans Marian Salzman and Peter Land take sides on whether Pepsi's ill-considered ad starring reality-show star Kendall Jenner spells doom for in-house agencies.


People Are Less Than Thrilled About Pepsi’s Limited-edition Flavor For The Summer

Pepsi Fire will hit store shelves on Monday.


Pepsi’s New Recipe Is ???

The choice of a lit generation.


Pepsi Fire Hopes To Spice Up Soda Aisle

Pepsi has unveiled its newest flavor it's hoping will heat up the beverage aisle.


Pepsi Wants To Win You Back With Cinnamon Swill

Maybe this will erase people's memories of Kendall Jenner


Cinnamon Pepsi Exists Now, If Spicy Soda Is Your Thing

No one is sure how to feel about this.


Pepsi Debacle Shows Why Brands Need Agencies

Pepsi's recent ad debacle laid bare the one key element missing from any in-house creative department


5 Lessons From The Great Pepsi Shakeup

Hitching your advertising to a trendy topic has great potential, both for better and worse.


Portland Protesters Pelted Police With Cans Of Pepsi

The move in Portland appeared to be a nod to a failed ad campaign by Pepsi featuring Kendall Jenner walking through a street protest and handing a can of Pepsi to a police officer.

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