The Baleia wine range gets a new look

The Joubert family has launched a new look for its Baleia wine range that will “wow” consumers both visually and in the glass.


Celebrate Tequila Day at these Cape Town bars

Let’s face it, tequila is a love-it-or-leave-it spirit.  The reason probably stems back to your student days. Remember that night at the Shack? Probably not…


Spice up your life with winter-warming Glühwein

Looking for something to put fire in your belly when the temperature drops?


Liquid Bread

There’s no spittoon on our lunch table.


7-Eleven`s – Bring Your Own (Ridiculous) Container – Slurpee Day.

Seventh of July marks 7-Eleven’s annual “Bring Your Own Container” Slurpee day. Get ready for ridiculousness.


Hey, hipster – these wines are for you!

The word “hipster” paired with “wine” is not exactly commonplace here in Cape Town.


How to pick the perfect party wine

When I through a big bash at my house for a bunch of friends who enjoy more than their fair share of wine, I generally look for simple, tasty wines that are both readily available and — here’s the key — inexpensive.


Neil Ellis releases a wine that embraces the past, present and future of the winery

Right from the start founder and winemaker Neil Ellis, who is widely respected as one of South Africa’s best winemakers, believed that no single vineyard can satisfy the needs of all grape varieties.


Win a Private Barrel Single Malt bottle of Whisky worth R500!!

Competition closed. The winner is…….. @YolisaQ.


The Right Way To Drink Tequila

Let’s be honest. If you are not Mexican, then you’re probably doing tequila shots all wrong.

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