Tasting Academies Again

Tasting academies are like buses – nothing for hours and then along come two in quick succession. Hot on the heels of the Michael Fridjhon/WINE magazine Wine Judging Academy which has some unspecified connection to the UCT Graduate School of Business, along comes a 10-week distance learning course under the auspices of the Department of Viticulture and Oenology at the University of Stellenbosch. Both courses cost the same – R3990 with the former offering “graduates” tasting berths on the controversial tasting panels of WINE magazine plus the chance at free samples galore as a Platter pundit. The Stellenbosch version dangles the carrot of tasting for the SA Wine & Spirits Board plus service at Veritas, the largest SA wine show.
ta1 Tasting Academies Again
From an academic perspective, the Stellenbosch option would seem to be the preferred one as successful candidates will receive a “Certificate in Wine Evaluation from Stellenbosch University.” As for me, I’m applying to McDonald’s for a certificate in hamburgers after the Golden Arches were declared an exam board by the UK government. I hope to then start an SA franchise awarding Masters of Food qualifications (MoF for short) that will complement the expected deluge of wine tasting qualifications.