Paul Cluver, the Red Baron

Surely I can’t be the only one to notice that blonde bombshell German actor Matthias Schweighoefer, who stars as Baron von Richthofen, the legendary Red Baron, in the German box office smash Der Rote Baron, is the spitting image of Paul Cluver, MD of the eponymous wine producer in Elgin. Von R shot down 80 Allied planes in World War I before his ticket came up while his double has just released a spectacular Pinot Noir called Seven Flags. Another Red Baron.

pc1 Paul Cluver, the Red Baron

The Baron was shot down at the tender age of 25 by Canadian pilot Roy Brown, played by thespian Joseph Fiennes, who looks an awful lot like a young Grape editor, Tim James. Not that Grape shot down Seven Flags – quite the contrary with Melvyn “Stelvin” Minnaar calling it a “smart wine” made from a tricky grape.

Staying on a war footing, I can report that “grape” is US Marine slang for your head, which must be why it was chosen as the name of the website.

tj Paul Cluver, the Red Baron