Diplomatic Hannes and Real Deals

hm Diplomatic Hannes and Real Deals

Pissed punter to Meerlust’s Hannes Myburgh at last night’s Meridian Spring Showcase at the Park Hyatt in Rosebank: “I don’t like your Rubicon 2004. The Merlot and the Cabernet are better on their own.”

Hannes: “Isn’t it wonderful how everyone’s tastes differ. That way we get to sell all our wines.”

Confirming that it takes years of practice to become an SA icon. Our PP did have a point though, as the magnums of 2000 vintage Merlot were drinking beautifully and retailing around R500 a pop, “the real deal” as New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin said in another context. Rudi de Wet, now making fabulous Pinotages (with a dash of Petit Verdot) at Bilton helped Giorgio Dalla Cia make the wine.

hm1 Diplomatic Hannes and Real Deals