Erasmus to the rescue

Ansie from Tafelberg phones to say she has the first copies of Sour Grapes in her lunch-hooks (as the late Queen Mother referred to her hands). SG will be launched on Guy Fawkes’ Day and one week before the 2009 edition of Platter. A most auspicious and appropriate day as Mr. Fawkes was another enthusiastic amateur taking on professional insiders. Speaking of which, Joachim Schönfeldt, presently residing in Leuven, sent the most à propos of comments on retailers moonlighting as wine commentators from an unlikely source – the 16th century theologian Erasmus. His In Praise of Folly (1509) noted:

eras Erasmus to the rescue

“The merchants are the biggest fool of all. They carry on the most sordid business and by the most corrupt methods. Whenever it is necessary, they will lie, perjure themselves, steal, cheat, and mislead the public. Nevertheless, they are highly respected because of their money. There is no lack of flattering friars to kowtow to them, and call them Right Honorable in public. The motive of the friars is clear: they are after some of the loot…”

As Bob Marley so aptly said, “who the cap fit…”

Clos Erasmus is one of the fabulous vineyards of Priorat and Ester Nin is vineyard manager. She wins the prize for best named cult wine for her 98 point Robert Parker blockbuster (2005 vintage) called “nit de nin.” Could Ester be related to the famous Cuban-French eroticist Anaïs Nin?