Aesthetic Archetypes

Carl Jung’s theory of aesthetic archetypes received a shot in the arm when Piet Grobler’s Good Value Guru cartoon thundered into my inbox. For I’d seen him somewhere before. Then the pfennig dropped – the GVG is the spitting image (pardon the pun) of Bill Baker that Pickwickian UK wine merchant and all round bon vivant, the best thing by a country mile at the Michael Fridjhon/WINE magazine Tasting Academy. Alas, Bill passed away in January, the first of a quartet of players to exeunt left, the most recent being Stefan Schörghuber (owner of Blaauwklippen) preceded by Christoph Dornier of the eponymous Helderberg wine estate and wine journo Ronnie Morris. RIP.

gvg5 Aesthetic Archetypes