Juicy Janisson

Could Narina Trogon be the best restaurant in Johannesburg? Head chef Paul Barrett (ex 10 Bompas) says the fare is far from fancy but my rare hamburger stuffed with blue cheese and fries was pretty gourmet and at all of R55, a recession busting remedy. To drink, a bottle of Janisson & Fils Brut. Harrods sell the stuff in Blighty and Thierry van den Bosch from Corné Delicatessen fulfills the same function down south.

nar1 Juicy Janisson

Janis is fair bursting with fruit: cling peaches, overripe oranges and a whiff of pineapple. Reminiscent of the far pricier Lanson in fact. And a lot cheaper than the late Queen Mum’s fave fizz as the Janisson costs R295.

Gossip from the imported bubbly spittoon insists that sales have hit the proverbial brick wall. LVMH is rumoured to have slashed prices 30% and although an unnamed supermarket chain (Makro) is rumoured to have had excellent Veuve volumes over Christmas, that market too has become something of a Sargasso Sea. Guess we’ll have to wait until next month and the election to see Moët volumes pick up as Julius and Jacob celebrate in the traditional manner.