Hairy Sandal Hysteria

Have you heard the latest joke from WOSA, the comedy team promoting SA wine overseas?  They plan to fly their friends, journos, bloggers and tweeters to Cape Town in September for Cape Wine 2012, a show and taste from which the SA public has been scandalously denied entry.  Even those attending SA’s first wine tourism show, Vindaba, to which the public are invited on World Tourism Day.

hs Hairy Sandal Hysteria

In Cape Wine Newsletter #2 – which of course should more accurately called SA Wine Newsletter #2 – producers are offered afterhours facetime with WOSA’s foreign attendees and WOSA will even drive them to producer functions.  However, “in keeping with our green policy, we would prefer events to be held close to the CTICC.”  The stench of eco-hypocracy is overwhelming!