Vindaba = Vinexpo in September

The Daily Mail reports the French tourism authority has been caught red handed trying to pass off Llandudno as the coast of northern France.  Forced to change their imagery, they opted instead for a beach in… Florida.  You can’t make this stuff up!  Who knows, perhaps they’ll promote Vindaba as Vinexpo next.

france 300x96 Vindaba = Vinexpo in September

France down the road from Cape Town

SA has more than enough Bordeaux and Rhône-style blends, Champagne doppelgängers and now even eau-de-vies from Elgin to fool most Francophile tourists.  And with cheese now banned in the Élysée Palace by a French president who doesn’t drink wine, we should perhaps hire French tourism to promote SA… as France and replace WOSA with the OIV.