Hanging Chads Derail UCT Top 20 Winery Poll?

The smell of rotting snoek is making the UCT Top 20 Wineries poll more fragrant than the pier at Kalk Bay.  White, lower middle-class, upper middle-aged voters are scurrying to post their own private Top 20 lists on the net to distance themselves from the debacle.  Those revealed to date on the Grape communal blog all contain Nederburg, Platter Winery of the Year in 2011 that couldn’t make the Top 20 this.  Mr. Min (so presumably Ma Nolte too) and even self-appointed pollster Tim James all claim to have voted for Nederburg, so perhaps the auditors could comment on the curious omission from the final list or were there election monitors who can attest to the veracity of the poll.  Or was it all a scam?  Elections are never easy in Africa!

hc 195x300 Hanging Chads Derail UCT Top 20 Winery Poll?

Tallying the vote

Several SMSs from wineries left out in the cold (not a bad place to be if elegant wines are the objective) along the lines of “thanks for the thumbs up on our not making Tim James’ 20 friends list” have been received while accusations of an anti-Afrikaans and an anti-corporate agenda abound.  Let’s see which wineries dare to use the UCT Top 20 accolade in their marketing.