Win two tickets to Cape Wine 2012

WOSA and Off License News are offering two independent UK retailers a trip to Cape Wine 2012 if they:

a)    take the green pledge: “this should contain ideas to make your business greener and more profitable over the next 12 months and beyond” with greenness here broadened from the ecological to economic and in particular, the colour of money, and

b)   “submit up to 500 words detailing why visiting South Africa and attending Cape Wine 2012 would enhance their business.”

gb 300x182 Win two tickets to Cape Wine 2012

Take WOSA’s green pledge at Cape Wine 2012


Let’s hope the entries get further than Dorp Street as SA retailers will no doubt be curious to learn how going green can make your business more profitable as current experience is largely the opposite.  It’s not clear who the judges are, but let’s hope Nedbank’s Green Awards panel has input.

The 500 word submissions on why SA wine can help independent UK retailers will likewise be useful to local marketers, so let’s hope the entries get wide circulation.