Cuvée Church Clash

Tannie Maxie Compion, queen of the visitor centre in Keimoes, has a problem.  No tasting of wine is allowed on the premises (shown below) as in a previous incarnation, it was a church.

kei 300x225 Cuvée Church Clash

No cuvees in Keimoes

Kakamas, down river, was even more in the thrall to religion as Maxie was forbidden premises for a hair salon.  She got around the problem by having her premises inside another premises, the old Russian doll trick.  Perhaps this creative thinking-outside-the-box can be brought to bear on the Keimoes wine tasting problem.  Or should SA wine tourism wait for a miracle?

Meanwhile sources report that the Orange River Winery will be AWOL from September’s Vindaba wine tourism show as they refuse to pay for two tasting stands: one at Cape Wine 2012 and one next door at Vindaba.  This costly duplication of stands and staff is occasioned by WOSA’s hard-headed refusal to let the public attend the final day of CW2012.