Tertius and the Telephone

Perhaps the most valuable takeaway for SA wine from VinExpo is that the way to market wine in China is via the Internet with the Apple iPhone the most popular device. Stellenrust winemaker Tertius Boshoff found out the hard way when his Blackberry was pickpocketed on the MTR subway last night. The offer of a $500 reward bore no fruit, but the thief should be easy to catch being the only person in Hong Kong with a Blackberry.

20120531 172526 Tertius and the Telephone

Fortunately Tertius has blackberries for Africa in his old vines Cabernet Sauvignon made from the fruit of 62 year old vines. One of the many handcrafted wines made by one of the most passionate winemakers in the Cape. Tertius has two pressing tasks when he returns to SA: fire Vodacom as service provider for their lack of service (they cannot cancel a SIM card at 3am SA time) and buy an iPhone to facilitate the expansion of Stellenrust into the Sinosphere.