Mosaic for Bordeaux

“We sell this Bas Armagnac like pancakes” said Dominique Hebrard (below) of Chateau Bellefont Belcier and other winemaking ventures including Constantia Glen, yesterday at VinExpo Asia. “We bought the Armagnac house a while ago, as the price was low and we got a century of stock, which they love in the East.”

20120601 082328 Mosaic for Bordeaux

Dominique makes a silent but influential contribution to the SA hedonistic scene. Next week, the country’s most beautiful chef, Chantel Dartnall of Mosaic Restaurant at Hartebeespoort Dam, will guest chef at Bellefont Belcier in tandem with a 30 year old from Bordeaux who has just been awarded his first Michelin star. Each dish will come in two halves: SA and Bordeaux and wines served will included such gems as Chateau Angelus and of course Bellefont Belcier, which is not too shabby itself. All this for €250 per punter. This is wine tourism in action and so much better than some of the tacky gourmet exhibitions flogged in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Meanwhile SA fans of Armagnac can stand by for a sales blitz from Cape Wine Master Junel Vermeulen, who will market Dominique’s drop in SA.