Happy ISBD

Believe it or not, but today is International Sauvignon Blanc Day. Obviously chosen by some northern hemisphere greenie as its mid-winter in the Cape, Chile and New Zealand and Sauvignon Blanc is not the most appropriate wine choice. Unless its barrel fermented, like the superb MM Louw 2011 made by Thys Louw, below, on Diemersdal, the pearl in the pumpkin patch (Durbanville used to be called pampoenkraal and was famous among sailors of the VOC for its veggies). Times have changed and today Durbanville is more of a dormitory for Cape Town than vegetable patch, although the green emphasis remains, in the grape the appellation is perhaps best known for, Sauvignon Blanc.

20120621 124623 Happy ISBD

Although Apartheid died in SA a generation ago, some regressive elements in SA wine think that if you praise Chenin Blanc, the great white competitor to Sauvignon, that automatically implies you’re against Sauvignon Blanc. I personally think teetotaler Jacob Zuma has the right idea and while I may not yet have five wives, three favourite white cultivars gives me plenty of options, with Riesling my third mistress.

Thys is more monogamous, in that he loves Sauvignon so much, he makes eight and no Chenin or Riesling at all. Chinese tipplers would no doubt approve of eight expressions. But it’s really nine as the Rose is 93% Sauvignon Blanc and 7% Cabernet Sauvignon. Totally fab and at R45 a bottle, incredible value. Taking the good value battle to the Chenin camp or a realization of financial realities in the marketplace. Take your pick.