Sir David Tang bashes Bow Ties

After last week’s Fine Brandy Fusion Festival, it was interesting to see today’s attack on bow ties in the Weekend Financial Mail by Sir David Tang, no slouch in the sartorial stakes.  As the festival is one of the many exhibitions organized or owned by Bacchanalian entrepreneur Michael Fridjhon whose exotic bowties brighten many a winelands celebration.  Are fashions changing?

bt 300x206 Sir David Tang bashes Bow Ties

On their way out?

Q: What is your view on bow ties? They seem to be well regarded in the US but not much in evidence in Europe.

A: Bow ties look ridiculous, unless you are either Bob Hope or Robin Day who looked ridiculous – the former with a hockey-stick chin, and the latter with Bavarian eyebrows. Bow ties are also rather effeminate, as they look exactly like a butterfly. Why would any real man wish to wear a butterfly round his collar?