News, now now

Media24 have given their local version of The Week a makeover and replaced editors – Waldimar has been parachuted into Rapport while Charlene rolls in from You magazine. The new look has lost the “now only R10” cornerpiece but alas I’d read the scoop, the “read of the week” – a naked interview of designer Tom Ford by AA Gill – two years ago, when it appeared in the UK Sunday Times. Talk about news now!

20120701 104603 News, now now

Still, it is a chance for a couple of memorable quotes: “a straight man sees an unsheathed penis in the room as a threat. Or competition. A gay man welcomes it as a potential friend or a snack.” And the first para is hard to beat. “I think it was over the crudites and just after he’d said that every man should have a penis in his bottom at least once in his life to know what all the fuss is about that Tom Ford suggested we do a naked interview.” Will Media24 launch Blue Boy magazine next?

tf 300x181 News, now now

A threat or a snack?

Waldimar must be laughing like a drain over at Rapport. Although his last edition was a sub-editor’s revenge. The table of annual tourism numbers to Johannesburg had London in third place – sending 166 561 visitors and a spectacular growth of 19.1% and also in first place at 328 283 with a 0.2% increase. Welcome to Johannesburg, the schizophrenic city!

The recent Burgundy wine scandal was also given an interesting spin. “Burgundy, the home of some of the world’s most prized bottles, was torn apart following the recent arrest of four executives of one of the largest wine producers in the Laboure-Roi region.” Huh? Laboure-Roi is not a region, its the crooked company!