Bollinger for Big Boy Banksters

Bollinger Champagne is getting the kind of press coverage it probably doesn’t want as it turned out to be the beverage of choice for Big Boy Banksters as they manipulated the Libor rate in London. Which does not explain why is offering two bottles of Pol Roger for R900 ( down from R1050, but for Johannesburg moneymen only). Could it be macho fallout from being the bubbly of choice for Winston Churchill, that bow tie clotheshorse who was called effeminate by implication by Sir David Tang in the Financial Times on the weekend?

20120704 101810 Bollinger for Big Boy Banksters

But you have to hand it to Bollinger for versatility. Bubbly for Bollinger Bolsheviks, it is now the Champagne for arch-capitalists. Heck, they even have Bollinger Bands in technical analysis which seek to quantify the “highness” or “lowness” of stock prices, relative to previous trades. I wonder If they will now update their quant programs to include telephone calls from the Bank of England to manipulate market fundamentals, such as interest rates.

Meantime Distell management in Dorp Street, Oak City, are perched on the edge of their Laz-e-Boy recliners, waiting for the share price to breach R100.