Mapping Terroir: Day Three

The 72 wines of the Hemel & Aarde appellation tasted this morning were more heaven than earth, although that point made, we did encounter three examples of Portuguese terroir in the form of corkamorimcork Mapping Terroir: Day Three
by Amorim Cork
taint. Although with zero corks on Friday and Saturday, the odds are shortening rapidly to 3/400. A far cry from the 10% of days recently passed. But as one door closes, another opens and Brett comes to the fore in wines suddenly super clean.

20120722 162405 Mapping Terroir: Day Three

As expected, wonderful Pinots Noir and absolutely world class Chardonnays. The H & V valley is so damp with terroir, you could see it dripping down the windows of the La Vierge tasting room. A facility so modern, the gents boasts urinals mounted into the windows with a vista out onto Dolly Parton mountain cleavage. Vineyards workers are instructed to wave to gentlemen relieving themselves and most reply with a jolly wave.