Mapping Terroir : Day Ten

78 wines, a brandy and a whisky blind tasted at DGB in Wellington on Thursday killed two birds with a single stone as our tasting coincided with the appellation’s annual Quest for the Best exercise. The view from the tasting room (below) confirms the auspicious situational variables in play.

20120804 095057 Mapping Terroir : Day Ten

I expected the Chenins and Shiraz to be good, and they were. But the two wines which blew my doors off were unexpected: a 2010 Malbec and a 2010 Mourvedre, or Mataro, if you speak ‘strine. Wonderfully clean and focused blackcurrant flavours. Cabernets disappointed (where were those juicy blueberries of yesteryear?) but the Cabernet blends were much better.