A stereotype for August: women and wine

Unfortunate passengers on SAA have their misery compounded this month by Mr. Min’s dire dirge on women winemakers in Sawubona. SA lifestyle editors, never an adventurous bunch, think “August = wimmin’s issues” thanks to tomorrow’s public holiday. A pubic holiday would be much more fun, if you take the Guardian’s advice: “pubic hair has a job to do – stop shaving and leave it alone.”

The bottom line (excuse the pun): “pubic hair does have a purpose, providing a cushion against friction that can cause skin abrasion and injury, protection from bacteria and other unwanted pathogens, and is the visible result of long-awaited adolescent hormones, certainly nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. It is time to declare an end to the war on pubic hair, and allow it to stay right where it belongs.”

But back with women and wine, it is clear that SA has a sexually polarized wine industry with men making the stuff and women marketing it and doing a good job, too. Below is marvellous Melody Botha from the Breedekloof Wine Route reminding me how I called her sorority “poppies” in a thoughtless post many moons ago.

20120730 191528 A stereotype for August: women and wine

The facts speak for themselves: blind tastings of wines for Neil Pendock’s Winelands Guide 2013 have been organized by Annareth, Annelize, Ellen, Elzabe, Frieda, Jenny, Jolene, Melissa, Melody, Michelle, Monika, Taryn and Trudy. A band of ladies I dub the most dynamic since the Spice Girls on Winenews this morning. Which got me into all kinds of hot water with Shaun McLaughlin and Luke Krone who presented sterling tastings in Darling and Tulbagh, respectively.

Ladies also dominate (in a non-sexual way) editorial La-Z-Boy recliners of lifestyle media, although one of the most competent, Carla van der Merwe, is leaving wine reportage for a real job next week. Carla, we’ll miss you!