Usain Bolt nearly bottled by SA Chenin?

Was the plastic bottle thrown onto the Olympic 100m sprint final track on Sunday a recyclable PET bottle from Stellenrust?  The Fairtrade Stellenrust Chenin Blanc was indeed packaged in a green bottle quite like the green bottle at the bottom of the Getty Copyright image below.  And given strict security at the games, only IOC sanctioned beverages are allowed into Olympic venues.

bot 300x225 Usain Bolt nearly bottled by SA Chenin?

If so, this action could be seen as either a) an attempt at Guerrilla Marketing by SA Chenin Blanc producers, incensed at the drive-by shooting review of the category in the New York Times last month or b) a protest at the loss of jobs in SA occasioned by bottling bulk wine in Blighty or c) an intervention to get WOSA to invite Iain Muggoch to Cape Wine 2012.  As @Stellenrust tweeted “So sad WOSA won’t fly in @muggoch for #capewine2012. This is the guy who put SA wine on everyone’s lips selecting the Olympic wines.”

As the Stellenrust coup of landing the contract to supply bespoke SA wine for the London Olympics is the largest news story for SA wine in the UK this year, that WOSA should not invite the man responsible is nothing short of yet another WOSA scandal.  Producers should take a good look at who WOSA does invite, although this information is inexplicably being withheld from producers who pay for the event.  Incredible that the tail wags the dog, once again.

If so it was quite fitting that the day was saved by the Dutch, who introduced the grape vine into SA nearly four hundred years ago.  The Dutch intervention came in the shape of judoka Edith Bosch, who klapped the disruptor. “Somebody came around who was disrespectful in a big way.  I pushed him away hard and said, ‘Dude, what are you doing, are you crazy?'”  Perhaps Edith will crack an invite to Cape Wine 2012!