Playboy Pinotage for Monsters

Alex Dale and his pioneering Winery of Good Hope has teamed up with Playboy to offer SA wines to US consumers. One of the offerings is a $15 2011 Granite Ridge Pinotage with the cultivar described as a “delicious Frankenstien’s [sic] monster of wine.” Which rings all kinds of GMO bells when genetically modified food is called Franken-food. Sure enough, the description keeps on digging: “Pinotage has an interesting history. Originating as a genetically engineered hybrid of Pinot Noir and Cinsault (known as Hermitage in South Africa, thus the name), it came into existence back in the 1920s.” Oops! Just as well the wine is sold in the USA as GMO wines are illegal in SA.

fstein Playboy Pinotage for Monsters

Sounds like Mr. Frankenstein/stien himself wrote the description which signs off “enjoy slightly chilled and you will easily able to drink a whole bottle.” No wonder SA wine sales battle in the USA.