Cape Wine Communique #2

The red carpet in the foyer of the Cape Town Convention Centre is green. So just how green is Cape Wine 2012? Not very if you look at Tiaan Burger modelling the program below, resting on a white plastic toadstool. With his Springbok brother injured, Tiaan has started playing rugby again but it will be a while before he can pick up the Cape Wine handbook. “Three tree’s worth” is dad Schalk’s estimate. “Think twice before printing” as they say on the bottom of e-mails. Pity no one did.

IMG 4175 300x225 Cape Wine Communique #2

Tiaan and the weighty tome

The green fatwa on bottled water needs to be rescinded immediately as the stuff in the water jugs smells like Sea Point swimming pool. Using it to rinse glasses is out of the question, leading to more glasses being used than is necessary – let’s hope the dishwashers are solar powered.

Lot’s of grumbling from attendees about the one hour registration process and lots of grumbling from exhibitors about the dearth of foreign buyers – between 50 and 60 according to some sources. Which computes to R300 per potential contact given the R18K cost for a booth. But the precinct is crawling with MWs which is some consolation. Master sommeliers would of course have been better, but that is a harder ticket (according to two sommeliers).

alex photo 225x300 Cape Wine Communique #2

My own impressions were better than expected and it was fun to taste Alex Dale’s Frankenstein Pinotage 2011 (above) while Ian Naude’s sweet Adoro Mourvèdre (60g/l RS) made from Siebritskloof grapes confirms the towering terroir of my corner of the Paardeberg. Noddy sells it to the Colony Club in London, just behind Nobu. In 500ml bottles as 750ml bottles don’t work. Go figure.