Broughton plays a blinder

Last night may have been good weather for ducks in Oak City, but our feathered friends drew the short straw at Terroir, celebrity chef Michael Broughton’s funky restaurant on Kleine Zalze in Stellenbosch. Foie gras terrine for second starter, duck ragout with pecorino pasta for first main (it was a five course menu plus cheese) launched the Olive Brook range of Spar wines on an unsuspecting wine media.

20121005 071523 Broughton plays a blinder

“Too cheap” was a common complaint. “Over-delivers on quality” was the conclusion of Mark Robinson (below), self-declared purveyor of baked beans turned apostle of supermarket wine. The most revolutionary olive was a sweet rosé called Sweet Spot which, at R50 for 1.5 litres, will cause a rethink and rerating of a formerly old ladies only category. “Drink with ice and sparkling water if you wish” says the tasting note, which will have anoraks scratching their noggins.

mark1 225x300 Broughton plays a blinder