Swartland Secrets from the Laundry

Is I Love My Laundry on Bree Street in Cape Town the new way to sell wine? Open seven days a week from seven to seven and later on Wednesdays when a de facto cougar club takes over, spilling out on to the pavement. A laundry cum dim sum bar cum muesli outlet (mixed in a cocktail shaker) it also showcases some of the most obscure wines. Like the creamy Saffrone Cinsaut 2012 blanc de noir from Mount Abora Vineyards in the Swartland, being modeled below by Xanthus, the laundry manager. The wine is full of decadent, almost supparating strawberry flavours – remarkable at a roadblock friendly 11% alcohol.

20121014 100608 Swartland Secrets from the Laundry

And the Antebellum Chenin Blanc 2012 with one seriously Gone with the Wind label from the Deep South. A southern metaphor for the Swartland worth developing. As indeed is Mount Abora from Kubla Khan the false paradise sung about by Abyssinian maids. Unfortunately, we don’t know how the story ended as Sam was interrupted by a Person from Porlock. And doesn’t SA wine have way too many of them!