Stellenbosch to embrace its inner Bedouin

Following in the deep footsteps of Cape Wine 2012, it seems SA wine just can’t get enough of wine expos. The latest is planned for Stellenbosch (Oak City) in January which will host a ten day Bacchanalian which culminates in a three day Wine Expo on Die Braak which “will take full advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings with rustic tables, green décor and free-flowing Bedouin tents.” Bedouin tents showcasing wine is an innovation to make a mullah mad.

burqa1 231x300 Stellenbosch to embrace its inner Bedouin

Dress code for January’s Stellenbosch Wine Expo

Meanwhile feedback on Cape Wine 2012 is trickling through cyberspace. Dr. Liz Thach MW (pronounced “tosh”, I kid you not), Professor of Management and Wine Business, Sonoma State University, has posted a couple of fun travel stories on the interweb and some of the wines she features are classics: there’s a Simosing Cape Blend I’m not familiar with and I’m looking out for her favourite wine at that upscale reception at Clifton Villa overlooking the Southern Ocean. “All the wines were excellent, but my favorite was the Ernie Fels Auction wine – a big complex red blend with a very long finish.”

Living in California, she’s in the same state as Charles Banks who makes Mulderbash wines in the Stellenboschkloof. Let me stop being pedantic for a mo and encourage Chas to rebrand Mulderbosch as Mulderbash, which is, after all, how he pronounces it. If Bob Dylan can head on over for a Million Dollar Bash, Mulderbash Small Change is the kind of brand that would go down well.

The Prof, a MW, sums up the Cape Wine Masters who hosted a memorable Wine Dinner at the Cullinan Hotel. “I learned that ‘Cape Wine Masters’ are South African wine experts who have completed a two-year study program and passed a rigorous exam slightly more difficult that then Diploma level of the WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust).” Confirming the Cape Wine Academy has its work cut out lifting its profile in academic circles.

liz 300x200 Stellenbosch to embrace its inner Bedouin

Still let’s hope Oak City invites Prof. Liz (above) to their big Bedouin tent, although she is such a babe, it is a crime to hide all that beauty behind a Hijab or a Burqa, even if it is sponsored by Boschendal. Oops, that’s Franschhoekfranschhoekcellarwines Stellenbosch to embrace its inner Bedouin
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