Obernai Overload

Lunch today in Obernai of choucroute and five kinds of pork in La Halle Aux Bles, below.

IMG 4417 225x300 Obernai Overload

The waitstaff (below) looked familiar, so we felt right at home.

IMG 4420 225x300 Obernai Overload

The wine was oxidized Riesling served in 250ml Clicks-style jugs (below).

IMG 4421 300x225 Obernai Overload

Julien Schaal, the dynamic winemaker who will shortly revolutionize Alsatian Grand Cru wines by offering five exceptional examples at a retail price of under €10, explained that Alsace is the only French appellation to outlaw bag-in-box as they do not project the quality image Alsace deserves. So wine is sold instead in one litre bottles which are decanted into said Clicks jugs, allowed to oxidise and then served to tourists.

Pork had the last laugh as we glimpsed ourselves in the mirror after we had finished lunch.

IMG 4423 225x300 Obernai Overload