Waterford wows in Zwolle

After a night in the women’s jail in Zwolle (now turned into a five star hotel by that dynamic husband and wife culinary duo of Thérèse and Jonnie Boer) we checked out the wine scene. I use the term “five stars” in the Michelin, as opposed to Platter, sense as Jonnie has three for this flagship De Librije restaurant and a further two for Librije’s Zusje located in the hotel.

zw 300x225 Waterford wows in Zwolle

Wijnkoperij Henri Bloem in the town advertises nine specials sorted by country. The SA offering from Waterford is the priciest which speaks volumes in a society where each recipe starts “borrow a cup of flour” as the late, great beer guru BJ Lankwaarden used to note.