WOSA goes for confused nostalgia

Calling your UK generic wine show the name of a defunct English pop band is one way of attracting visitors, although fans of the Housemartins will be disappointed to find wines from South Africa, Argentina and Chile instead of a concert of such classics as “I love you (but you’re boring)” at the Beautiful South show in London next September. For Harpers reports that WOSA are teaming up with Wines of Chile and Wines of Argentina at a single two day generic wine show.

bs 300x299 WOSA goes for confused nostalgia

Teaming up with Chile is a disaster for SA Sauvignon Blanc as buyers will be able to directly compare offerings from the two countries and SA will struggle to match the vibrant fruit from west of the Andes at comparable price points. Ditto with bulk reds from Argentina. If costs need to be cut, far better to team up with ViniPortugal, representing an historically linked country with a wine industry of comparable size but with very little marketing niche overlap. As Nando’s is the rising culinary star in London, the food synergy is already there.

Alas, this year’s nostalgic Swartland Revolution cowboy theme clearly impressed the cosy club of white ladies who run the SA wine marketing offering. The lure of the pampas and the sweaty saddles of the gauchos, that some would call Brett, has got them all hot and we’re saddled with yet another boring and hackneyed marketing concept that will cost millions. Is it too late for the industry to recall this decision?

As the real Beautiful South sang it:
“What about the time of the fancy dress
When you came dressed as your mum
And there I was splendid in my penguin suit
So scared to show my bill”