Ross Douglas should have called his Food|Wine|Design fair, Food|Wine|Design|Weather, for what would it be without a cloudburst? Back in 2010, the maiden vintage, Zeus took out a whole side of the tent, along with &Union and their craft beers. Confirming the power of SABMiller in Johannesburg, a home town company whose financial results yesterday shot out the lights. Below, Zeus is marshaling his troops before the attack.

20121123 082340 Food|Wine|Design|Weather

What also would a Food|Wine|Design fair be without keen cyclist Ross looking like he’s just finished the Tour de France sans steroids as he runs around looking for power for the sponsor. Eskom power, that is, as Sanlam had enough PR wattage of the roof of Hyde Park corner to power the whole of Cape Town. The doyenne of jozi spin doctors, Jenni Newman was standing in front of (below) proclaiming the “dumplings” to be “stodgy” which was taken as a recommendation by punters as it came across as “super” so Hyde Park is her pronunciation. The many chefs around just laughed as humidity levels were 100%+

20121123 083036 Food|Wine|Design|Weather

Cape Legends had paired some of their WIETA recently accredited wines with Mynhardt’s succulent dim sums and the combination was a big success. As the wines were poured at the Food|Wine|Design Fair, does that make them Fairtrade as well?

20121123 083243 Food|Wine|Design|Weather