Memory Mattresses and Capsized Gazpacho

A bouncy but abbreviated birthday cruise on Table Bay yesterday afternoon with glamorous PR Nicky Arthur and a gaggle of tourism’s hacks plus Cathryn Henderson, the Anna Wintour of wine, on the muscle boat Ocean Princess (below). Rustic Italian snacks by Big Route in Green Point, which I misheard as Big Root, which would play well Down Under.

IMG 4677 300x225 Memory Mattresses and Capsized Gazpacho

Alas, sunset sipping at Clifton turned out to be “teaze the proles at The Grand” after a tray of Gazpacho served in shot glasses, capsized in the swell. Bubbly from Avontuur and still wines from Creation with the Sauvignon Blanc 2012 paired with sushi, a most sensible match. No reds on carpet considerations and besides, red gives bubbly hostess Nicky, a headache. We left before the memory mattresses on board were put through their paces but not before a pretty in pink birthday cake was served. My wish? That this become a Groundhog Day experience.